2013 KCPE Time-table and a cheap offer of KCPE past papers and answers 2000-2012

by Joshua Arimi on May 1, 2013

I know the kids are enjoying themselves this last week of the holidays, but back in their mind, those in class eight, know that, they will have to take 2013 KCPE examinations in October/November.

Today, as a valued reader of this site, you will take home two goodies:

  1. 2013 KCPE Time-table
  2. Cheap offer of all KCPE past papers of up to 2012.

The Kenya National examinations council has released the 2013 KCPE time table and I am happy to bring it to you. Download your copy of 2013 KCPE time table below. It will help you to prepare for 2013 KCPE examinations.


For a limited time of up to Sunday the 5th May, we have a CD with all KCPE past Papers and their answers for the years from 2000-2012.

The price is an offer which is very very friendly, only Kshs 500 plus Kshs 100 postage fee.

Buying KCPE revision papers and compositions for the individual years would cost you Kshs 1400. Buying this CD will save you whooping Kshs 900.

This is not all. The CD will have copies of the KCPE best compositions for the years 2000-2011.

You save extra Kshs 100 if the papers, answers and compositions are sent to your email.

Get this CD for your son or daughter by sending Kshs 600 by M-Pesa to 0720502479. Follow this with sms indicating KCPE 2013 and your postal address. All the CDs will be posted on Monday the 6th May by registered mail (Those who will not have received the CD by 18th May, another copy will be mailed).

Those who used these KCPE past papers for revision praise them as a very good tool to understand KCPE exams setting procedures and using them helps in getting good grades.

To receive these KCPE past papers and answers in your email address, send Kshs 500 to 0720502479 by M-Pesa. Follow this with sms indicating KCPE 2013 and your email address. You will receive these papers and answers with 24 hours.

This offer is only for a limited time of up to Sunday, the 5th May 2013.

Don’t forget to subscribe to this site with your email address for free to receive more offers.

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